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Restaurant Research LLC provides clients with valuable restaurant store level data for $1B+ chains obtained through our extensive network of restaurant industry players. Our clients use this data for underwriting due diligence, financial analysis, benchmarking and competitive intelligence analyses.

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Product Outlines - click links below

1. Industry Data Reports

Franchise Finance & Unit Valuations (Jul - Dec)



Unit & System Sales Growth Analysis

New Build Costs

Unit Valuations (Jan - Jun)

Unit Economics

Operations Matrices - 1. Oversight 2. Labor Structure 3. Technology, Equip & POS

Menu & Promotions

Quarterly Same Store Sales 

 2. Concept Books

Quarterly Concept Dashboard

Menu Book

3. Industry Databases

Same-Store-Sales Database

State Unit Database

Development & Financing Activity Database

 4. Concept Benchmark Analyses

Click on links below for Executive Summaries 

Hamburger Sandwich Pizza Casual Fast Casual
McDonald's Subway Pizza Hut Applebee's Panera
Wendy's Arby's Dominos Chili's
Burger King   Papa John's TGI Fridays Special Order
Sonic Drive-In Chicken     Dunkin
Jack in the Box KFC Mexican Family
Jimmy John's
Hardee's Church's Taco Bell IHOP Zaxby's
Carl's Jr. Popeyes   Denny's  Qdoba


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 5. FDD/UFOC Library (on-line access to FDDs for 32 chains)


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