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January 2018


4Q17 Comp Outlook Drives More 2018 Value Promotions

  • 4Q17 $1B+ chain comp sales are on track for a modest rebound with McDonald's +4.5% results strongly outperforming the company's competitive set (+0.2% ex. McDonald's).
  • Olive Garden's +3.0% comps outperformed its industry benchmark by +400 bps, suggesting FSR segment comps were down -1%. 
  • Broader government retail sales data shows just the opposite in November with FSR and grocery outperforming a tanking QSR segment. 
  • In any case, an even greater 2018 industry pivot towards value promotions reflect the industry's sales challenges. We will see what lower taxes brings...  



Source: RR Quarterly Same Store Sales & Hedgeye


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iSpot TV's Ad Analysis

  • Healthy TV airings growth supports value focus.



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Menu Innovation

  • QSR new product innovation remains subdued as chains continue to focus on value, including: McDonald's ($1, $2, $3 Dollar Menu); Wendy's (expanded 4 for $4 Meal); Jack in the Box (Value Jack's Way with 5 items priced from $1 to $5); and Subway ($4.99 Footlongs).
  • Spike in FSR new product news primarily reflects Red Lobster's Tasting Plate roll-out and new additions to its Lobster Fest promotion.



Source: RR Menu Report


Bullish Economic Outlook

  • +5.4% GDPNow model forecast for 1Q18 on top of +3.2% 4Q17 growth (+2.3% for full-year 2017). 
  • Pros: increasing disposable income (December's +3.1% increase was the largest since 4/16); low unemployment rate (lowest since 2001); declining savings rate; strong (near record levels) consumer confidence level; and lower tax rates for 2018.
  • Cons: Higher gas, home heating prices, commodity costs and interest rates.


Source: Government Data


Key Cost Trends & Forecasts

  • While commodity costs continue to ramp-up, the USDA projects that costs will pull-back/level-out in 2018.

Source: RR Commodity & Labor Database


Source: NOAA


Franchisee EBITDA Valuations

  • Multiples have been trending down since 2H16 which reflects higher labor costs, commodities and interest rates.
  • The highest multiples associated with the largest deals have been compressed the most as evidenced by the third chart below.




Source: RR 1H17 Valuation Report


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Stock Valuations from Hedgeye Risk Management

  • The RR Index was unable to keep-up with very strong results for the broader market as the historic benefit of refranchising has mostly played-out, highlighting the industry's need for more robust sales growth.
  • Fortunately, the new tax law should provide the sector with a helpful tailwind in the form of higher capex investments and increased consumer spending. 


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Marcus & Millichap Cap Rates

  • January cap rates declined to their lowest level since March 2017 as demand remains very strong with transaction volume up +22% y/y.
  • Cap rates are expected to remain around 6% through 1Q:18.


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