July Insights

Net Unit Development is Slowing


  • System-wide sales for $1B+ chains continue to outperform comps as the chains continue to drive positive net development.

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June 2019

1Q19 Same-Store-Sales Wrap-Up


  • C-store sales continue their steady decline to -9.4% during 1Q19 while total QSR industry sales increased +9.5%, according to government data.
  • The $1B+ chains were not bothered either way as the QSR & FSR segments maintain their low-single-digit growth trends.

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May 2019


Key Points from RR's 2019 Menu Report 


  • We calculated the correlation between the changing value mix of total promotions to comp sale performance from 1Q17 to 1Q19.
  • Next, we calculated comp correlations with changes to the premium promotional mix and new product promotional mix.
  • Surprisingly, increases in the QSR value promotional mix was negatively correlated (-63%) to quarterly comps. This means that a QSR value focus has been detrimental to past sales, suggesting deal fatigue. Not surprisingly, increases in the FSR value promotional mix helped drive comp growth (positive correlation of almost +18%). 
  • Rather, QSR sales have benefited from premium promotions & new product news. This is the inverse for FSR where value is all that matters after years of steady price increases.

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April 2019

Key Points from RR's 2019 Menu Report 


  • After years of menu optimization in an effort to simplify operations in order to speed-up service and improve food quality, the industry has finally found a point of equilibrium (i.e. menu sizes are just big enough to keep things interesting). 

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March 2019

Restaurant Share Continues to Ramp-Up


  • Grocery stores continue to lose retail share to restaurants as consumers become increasingly comfortable with cost competitive full-serve options. 
  • However it is notable that despite the trends, grocery stores continue to pass-along more moderate price increases on an absolute basis.
  • All this suggests that consumers prefer to eat-out if they can afford it.  

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