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July 2018

Measuring the Incrementality of Delivery

  • If delivery is truly incremental, we would expect to see restaurants taking share from total food sales over time as they continue to grow this channel.

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June 2018

The Real Cost of Delivery



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May 2018

Digital Marketing Moving the Needle?


Chains Calling-Out Digital Marketing in 1Q18 Calls



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April 2018

Insight from RR's Menu Analysis Report 


Operational Simplicity Trumps New News


  • Operations continue to grow more complex with increased menu customization options, new digital ordering platforms and delivery.
  • With speed, convenience and improved food quality at the forefront, the brands increasingly recognize that they can't raise the bar while also trying to be everything to everyone.
  • Resultantly, we see menu simplification driving a reduction in the average menu size for the 3rd consecutive year.

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March 2018

Highlights from 4Q17 Investor Calls

  • Casual is finally getting its act together, led by Applebee’s, Olive Garden, Outback and Red Robin. This proves that there is room for sit-down, even among the Millennials, if the chains execute around the basics (particularly as it relates to value)…
  • QSR continues to get rewarded for excelling in value as revealed by McDonald’s and Burger King’s over-the-top results in a challenging consumer environment. It is interesting that Carrols (largest BK operator) reported that it was able to significantly outperform the system because of its Northeast market exposure.
  • Pizza is cooling and everyone thinks this has to do with delivery growth of the other chains but we think it has to do with the problem of expecting perpetual compound growth while external competitors get better at value.
  • Apps, to-go and delivery continue to dominate the discussion. Less noticeable, but perhaps more important in the near-term, is a growing discussion of increased marketing spend allocation towards social media & digital. This is badly needed given declining TV viewership trends (especially among young consumers).
  • Lots of talk about benefits of lower corporate taxes, but hardly any discussion about how industry sales benefits from lower consumer taxes.

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