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Burger King

Burger King is the 3rd largest QSR sandwich player in terms of US system sales with healthy system fundamentals in the form of: a strong value equation; a flame-grilled distinction which includes signature Whopper configurations & various premium "King" burger varieties; ample innovation around core platforms (line extensions) designed to interest core, younger QSR customers; effective marketing; and remodeling with a new tech upgrade component. A promotional focus on its Whopper along with quality upgrades is helping return this key platform to its original flagship menu positioning. The chain is also gaining traction with upgraded chicken products which include its Crispy line and unique Chicken Fries which serve as a unique innovation platform. Marketing is effective at communicating the clear difference of the brand's flame-grilling brand equity relative to competitors' use of flat top grills and a steady stream of hi/lo promotions alternate between strong value platforms, innovative LTOs and premium products. In general, Burger King makes it a point to outperform McDonald's on value with a wide price range of deals with broad appeal. Digital marketing benefits from "trolling" and quirky menu innovation well suited to social media. Customer experience benefits from process/equipment improvements and tighter quality control initiatives to go with remodeling progress that now includes a new tech initiative to upgrade in-store access. All this translates into positive sales comp growth over the last 4.5 calendar years (through 1H18) in a very competitive environment. In conclusion, Burger King is doing a good job of leveraging: affordable value up and down the menu; its flame-grilled brand equity; a little bit of adventure; and a consistent experience to keep them coming back. 

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