Red Robin Bottomless Sides

Notice difference in Red Robin's serving size between its first side and free 2nd side as part of its bottomless value offer. In any case, food & service was excellent.


What about QSR Dine-in??

Ask a QSR operator about remodeling and they will often tell you that interior investments are a waste of money because 80%+ of their sales are through the drive-thru.

However, McDonald's recently made a great point about its decision to invest in its Experience of the Future interior upgrade - a modernized, updated in-store experience with table service may prompt more dine-in as consumers may have flocked to drive-thrus in the past to avoid outdated, unpleasant in-store experiences. 

In other words, inviting interiors may prompt more consumers to come into the store where they may linger and spend...

Could the Drive-Thru Mix at this Store Exceed its Dine-in Mix?




Impact of Portion Size

  • What is an operator with limited pricing power to do when costs are rising? 
  • Some operators might be tempted to reduce portion sizes, but how is this practice perceived by consumers? 
  • According to our survey, ~29% of consumers perceive that operators are currently serving smaller portions in a difficult operating environment.
  • While some consumers prefer smaller portion sizes, it is notable that ~16% of consumers are unhappy with smaller portion sizes. We believe this must have negative traffic implications.


Little Caesars' Revolutionary Pizza Portal

We think that Little Caesars is on to something big...

The pizza chain is currently testing a new Reserve-N-Ready platform that allows customers to order and pay via mobile app and pick up their pizzas from an automated, heated self-service station (Pizza Portal). The app notifies the customer when the order is ready & guests can skip the line & enter a three-digit PIN or QR code to open the door on the customers’ secured compartments.

This could redefine convenience in today's world in the same way the drive-thru revolutionized fast food all those decades ago.



McDonald's Kiosk Review

Research visit to a recently renovated McDonald's with a kiosk shows that there remains some bugs to work out with this platform. Navigation could have been easier and credit card payment didn't work. Lots of staff there to help with the process and it was notable that many patrons were using the kiosks. Guests place their order, enter in the number from the top of the stacked table markers & bring the markers to their tables. Orders are carried to the tables in quick order.