April 2019





Forward Looking Consumer Survey 

1,500 respondents


Less Value = Less Traffic Prospects 


  • RR's Intent to Eat Out Index finally rebounded after steadily declining for the previous 2 months. Stabilized results reflect the benefit of more consumers indicating their intent to eat out about the same as last month - an improvement from recent declining trends.
  • This primarily reflects a return to QSR value promotions with an increase in $1 & $2 deals to go with a sharp sequential m/m ramp-up of the QSR price point promotional mix as a % of total promotions. 
  • Conversely, FSR has pivoted away from price point value promotions, rather emphasizing premium promotions. We will see how this works out for FSR going forward sales - it may be premature for FSR to pivot away from value.
  • The interesting point is how often we find QSR and FSR value promotional mix moving in opposite directions as these segments react to one another. If QSR & FSR players were measuring potential consumer spending strength the same way, we would expect parallel changes in promotional mixes. 






Source: RR's Monthly TraffiCast Survey of 1,500 Consumers




Source: RR Menu Report (outline)





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